One of the potential bonuses for anyone who turned up to the Sky Arts Den at The Podium in Bath, where I was running classes before Easter was the chance to win a £1000 prize from The Creative Fund to be spent on an art classes of his or her choice.  The lucky winner was Mike Plow, a volunteer coordinator based in the library who joined in for some of the sessions that I ran.  Mike rang me, completely out of the blue to tell me and has now signed up for some of my classes. here’s what he had to say.

In February 2011 I was fortunate to attend three of the taster sessions during my lunch hour which Will ran in the Sky Art Den (Bath Central Library) as part of the Literary Festival.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the creative side of art, and my creative streak has been awoken again. I believe this experience was only bettered by Will’s teaching style, the way he demonstrated techniques and  provided the support and guidance and encouragement in the right amounts.  To top this I have just been informed that I have won the Sky Arts Creative Fund which I entered at the festival, this now means I have the passion to proceed and a £1,000 prize fund to spend on creative courses of my choice, and I am looking forward to spending some of this with Will at his Manvers Street art courses on a Monday morning in Bath.  Thanks Will.

Many thanks to you too Mike!


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