The Sky Arts Den

I was recently invited to the Bath Literary festival to run a series of free art classes at the Community Room in the Podium. This was for the Sky Arts Den, actually organised by RPM marketing for Sky, a series of free workshops and performances that is currently touring arts festivals the length and breadth of the U.K.

It was good fun.  Normally when I run art classes for myself I like to spend a bit of time chatting to potential customers so they know exactly what they are getting before they arrive.  With this sort of event anything could happen.  People could wander in or wander off if they so desired. In these sort of situations I always feel that the most important thing to remember is that no matter what the format it’s all about talking to people and trying to help them as much as you can.  If you can remember that then any nerves tend to vanish.

I was also involved in running some outdoor busking sessions sketching portraits of passers by outside the Abbey and Podium shopping centre.  You have no idea how strange it was inscribing the portrait of the gentleman below, an Italian Man “To Leonardo, best wishes Will Stevens”

It was also hugely enjoyable getting to meet some of the other performers and tutors in the “green room” Now, thanks to the Natural Theatre Company I know how to put on a fake beard and for my weekday sessions I always had a lovely introduction from Gavin of Opera Playhouse.  See photo.

Anyway, It was a good chance to meet lots of new people, some of who are going to be coming along to the next set of classes that I will be running in Bath at Manvers St Baptist Church.  For details of all the classes that I will be running don’t forget to check out my main website,


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