Art Lessons for Primary School Teachers


I’ve noticed over the years of running art classes in Bristol and Bath that there has been a small trend (i.e. several times a year, if not exactly a flood )   of  teachers getting in touch with me asking for drawing and painting tuition.

Being a teacher at any level is tough.  I know I’d certainly rather teach at Primary level than Secondary.   (If somebody was throwing something at me I think I’d stand a better chance of fighting back if they were toddlers rather than burly teenagers………………..just kidding!! ) But I think the problem at primary level is surely connected with having to be a generalist, knowing a certain amount about a wide range of subjects and there is nothing that seems to strike fear into the heart of teachers quite as much as having to get up in front of a class and draw a diagram on a blackboard if  in your heart of hearts you feel that it’s something that you’re “rubbish at”

I’ve had a fair bit of success here with teachers being told by their pupils that “it’s great to have someone who can teach us who is good at art Miss!”  and I’d really love to do more targetted stuff, may’be for small groups of teachers. So if any of this strikes a chord or otherwise interests you get in touch.


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