I was quite amused in the class this week by something somebody told me who used to teach hair dressing.  We were practising some colour mixing and I was showing how colours can cancel each other out when mixed together, depending on the proportions mixed.  Generally they need to be complementary pairs: red-green, blue-orange and yellow-violet.  Apparently it’s the same in hair dressing where too much of a copper tone can be corrected by adding ash colour.  I was discussing this with a group this morning and somebody told me how they’d had a haircut that had gone badly wrong where her hair had gone very yellow.  This had been corrected by adding a blue which horrified her initially but turned out to be just the thing needed to restore her hair to it’s proper colour.  I would have thought she would have ended up with green hair so it must’ve been an orangey tint and not a yellow one. (Complementary colours cancel each other out.) Unless there’s some weird magic in  hairdressing that I know little about…..


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